It’s April Already


So many – Easter, school holidays, Anzac Day & then the big one – Mothers Day…

It’s April already, summer is over, autumn in full swing & daylight savings about to finish. The year is rolling past but don’t forget to stop & smell the flowers along the way.


Dahlias are delicious, lizzys are luscious, stock is stunning & gerberas are gorgeous. Natives, roses & chryssies all beautiful as well. Keep your eyes out for the first dis buds then you know Mothers Day is around the corner.


Stunning succulents on show in the window, just a small selection of the vast variety available, great for indoors & out. Cyclamens are in full swing, in all colours. Enjoy inside during the day & then outside in the cold night air for best results.

Kalanchoes, fuschias, begonias, anthuriums, spathfylliums just to name a few. A beautiful time of year for all plants.

New shells are out of stock at the moment unfortunately but I am hoping to get some more before Mothers Day. Don’t forget the range of the ceramic drawers or my new pile of flippy floppy flowers. I’m always unpacking new things.

As always if there is anything you need please ask & I will do my best to source it for you. Anzac Day I will be supporting the RSL as usual & doing a wedding so forgive me if I don’t stop & chat!

Hope the Big Bunny is good to everyone.


Thanks Liane

8 Weddings in 7 Weeks


8 weddings in 7 weeks – 2 on the same weekend – some big, some small – all important. What a time its been…i have a small respite then off again with some more. Everyone one of them has been different and that’s what is so exciting. I’m trying to get photos from each of them so you can see how beautiful all the girls are.

Rememberance Day is coming up on 11/11 please order any tributes in advance.


Season has changed – sweet peas gone, ranunculus gone, hydrangeas just beginning, local roses in full bloom, waratahs finishing & gerberas, gerberas everywhere.


Cyclamens are finished, potted hydrangeas are just beautiful, gardenias are starting and the beautiful standard roses – these wont last long and wont be back for another 6 weeks or so so don’t spend too much time ‘thinking it over’. Gorgeous geraniums still going strong.

The response to the new things in the shop has been great – new wallets have just arrived, the gorgeous wood/ceramic drawer sets are making a splash in the window and heaven help me but all my Christmas things arrived as well. Guess its time for the Xmas window to start – wait till you see the cute things i have bought.

The shop is still busy so thank you all so much, sorry if i don’t have as much time to chat anymore but there is always something to do! Dont forget that xmas is around the corner and if you need anything then just let me know.


Thanks Liane

It’s Christmas


Busy!!!!!! So busy I’m sorry I have not been able to do this newsletter. Sorry……. It’s Christmas – as if you haven’t noticed & its time to think of family & friends & going out, getting together & finding the right gift. Let me help.


Dahlias are delicious, lizzys are lovely, peonies are perfect & gerberas are gorgeous. Xmas bush is in full swing so don’t wait till the last minute.


Poinsettias of course, beautiful hydrangeas & fushias; gorgeous succulents (especially for that friend with the brown thumb). For those that forget to water go for a Zanzibar Gem – water once a month or even less, it’s a North African desert plant so does not tolerate constant watering.

For the foody friend or a house warming gift how about a chilli plant or a selection of herbs

Shells have been walking out the door & I will reorder for delivery after Christmas. I still have a wide range of the ceramic drawers so just ask as not all of them are displayed. There are xmas chocolates, decorations, baubles & Santas. Come in & have a look – I have got things everywhere!

If there is anything you need please order in advance. I will be closing on Christmas Eve for a few weeks then back into the swing of things with a wedding on Australia Day & then full steam ahead till Valentines Day.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and New Year thanks Liane


I Won Hurstville Council Excellence


Hurstville Council Excellence in Business Awards – New Business under 12 months –

I WON !! Photo of me looking very surprised in last weeks Leader.

I am also a finalist in the Leader Business Awards so thank you to all that voted for me.

I am looking forward to the visit from the secret shopper.

Wish me luck, winners are announced on 18/7/12.


Sweet peas should be around in the next few weeks, been very slow in this cold weather

tulips still gorgeous and roses – how can you pass them up, they are just gorgeous at the


Kale has been extremely popular, at its best in winter.


Herbs are still a bit scarce but I will stock when available.

Ladies purses have come and gone – now too cold for them.

Madonna or peace liliys – beautiful indoor plant, keep up off the cold ground.

Lucky bamboo a lovely gift suitable for all occasions.

My new birds nest – how beautiful is this plant.

The new range of nappy cakes has been popular, more arriving soon. They are great ideas for baby showers as well as new parents, especially when combined with beautiful flowers!

Lots of new toys in the window and a gorgeous range of baby ceramics. Have a look!

Since its school holidays the shop wont be open until 8.30 am but if you need to pick up something earlier then just let me know.


Thanks Liane

The Shops First Anniversary


So, so many things happening, where to start…..

Daffodil day – sold all 60 bunches of daff’s & donated $60 ($1 per bunch) to the cancer council, thanks for your support.

The shops first anniversary – been so busy just about missed it! Don’t worry going to celebrate with a huge gerbera sale!!!! Coming soon.

Weddings weddings weddings – every weekend & quoting all the time for more…..the beautiful girls in the paper are local girls & guess who did their flowers???

Corsage season has started & will be in full swing by end Oct, remember – order in advance.


We are in the change of season now, sweet peas going, ranunculus in full bloom, hydrangeas just beginning, local roses starting, imports waning & gerberas, gerberas everywhere. What about the waratahs? Just beautiful… & king proteas ect ect. Need i go on, come in for a look.


Herbs have kicked back in & basil is back!

Cyclamens are finishing, potted hydrangeas starting, potted colour everywhere, beautiful climbers & geraniums.

The response to the new things in the shop has been great – bird baths, hanging planters, ant pots, bag tags, wallets, shells & beautiful kimono bits – am reordering more all the time.

The shop has been soooo busy – thank you – i’m running to keep up with you all, as always if there is something you want – keep reminding me!

Denise is off on a very well earned break so you wont see her for a bit – just me.


Thanks Liane

It’s Daffodil Day


Daffodil day (23/8) was lovely with lots of support from everyone, I’ll be donating $60 to the Cancer Council.

Fathers Day – Sunday 1st September – don’t be shy…. Give him flowers or a plant for the garden or his office.


Daffodils are delightful; freesias are fabulous; tulips are terrific; poppies are popular; sweet peas are super & ranunculus are ravishing.


Wintery cyclamens, delicate cinerarias, stunning cliveas & flowery jasmine. herbs are finally starting, keep an eye out as more will be coming over the next few weeks. For an instant colour pick me up try polyanthus or petunias, indoors or out. There has been no rain so everything is really dry, so keep watering & prepare your garden for spring. The days are finally getting a bit longer so there is no excuse not to get out into the garden.

You all seem to really like my lanterns, I’ve had lots of comments as well as enquiries to purchase them, but unfortunately they are not for sale – not until I go back to Vietnam and buy some more.

Spring is on its way – not long to go now.


Thanks Liane

Huge Wedding Coming Up


Finalists for the Leader Business Awards were in the paper last week, winner announced this Wednesday 18/7/12 – wish me luck.

RSL Sub Branch anniversary first weekend in August..

Huge wedding coming up in September.


Sweet peas and freesias have finally arrived !!!!!.

Roses – just gorgeous at the moment.

Kale, snapdragons, stock and delphinium at their best in winter

Come in and check out the gladiolis, they are just stunning, a new colour each week


Herbs are still a bit scarce but I will stock when available, trying to get some winter basil

cactus and succulents have been really popular, getting new ones all the time

The new range of nappy cakes have been very popular, stocks have been replenished. We now even have stork bundles! Come in and have a look. They are great ideas for baby showers as well as new parents & you can always order in advance.

How cute are the snails crawling across the window? They are only $10.

School holidays are over and we all return to routine, the shop will be back to normal hours.


Thanks Liane

I Entered National Business Awards


Mothers Day – what a huge event – beautiful weather, beautiful flowers, I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Thank you all so much – another sell out day.

hou & made it to Finalist in the New Business Section so I’m very pleased with that result.

I’m currently in the Leader Business Awards in the Florist category – please feel free to vote! Either online or I have nomination forms in the shop.


Dahlias have now finished;  lizzies are in their last throes; kale is back & looking great; freesias have started as well; & the deep blue delphinium is just gorgeous


Mothers day saw an influx of plants – kalanchoes, succulent gardens, African violets & cyclamens, cyclamens cyclamens. Pansies are available & good for some instant colour, herbs are a bit slow at the moment but I will keep getting whatever I can.

Don’t forget to keep watering your plants – indoor & outdoor, with this fab weather we are having the plants will be getting very thirsty.

The groovy wallets & purses are back out so come in & have a look. I’ll be ordering more shells soon so keep an eye out for the next shipment.

Bird baths, bird feeders, gardening & dancing ants have burst out all around the shop!

Sadly the vandalism upgraded to an attempted break in last week. New security & a new window all now installed so hopefully I wont have a repeat. Police & everyone have been great but they mention that there have been a number of break ins recently so we all need to be extra careful.


Thanks Liane

Easter is Fast Approaching


Easter is fast approaching, think my bunnies in the window may be multiplying! Anzac Day is next and then Mothers Day. Significant birthday coming very quickly. Wedding season is in full swing, another one next weekend & I have been doing lots of anniversary flowers – biggest number so far  – 61st !!


Dahlias are still gorgeous – tall & strong, need lots of water; Tuberoses almost finished; lovely Carnations, Lizzies still very popular, Birds of Paradise made a return & then disappeared. Hyacinths, Tulips & Freesias making a big appearance as well.


Persian violets still around & looking great – keep out of the direct sun; gloxinia is finished; cyclamens are back & just lovely. Stunning, strong sanseveria is proving popular. As always African violets are inside the shop with some gorgeous lucky bamboo pots. Lots of sensational succulents in all shapes & sizes & little cactus’ are back.

I didn’t make it to the Trade Fair but I have still been busy unpacking boxes – beautiful new shells, barnacles & even a cockle shell wreath & finally my shipment of the popular ceramic drawer sets. No room for them all in the window so come in & ask whats available. Heaps more flippy floppy flowers as well.

A reminder that Sunday opening has ceased for the time being so make sure if you need anything to pop in on a Saturday. You may see some new faces around from now on as sadly Denise has left. A well-earned break for her & I wish her all the very best.

As always, if there is something you need just ask and I will try my best to get it for you.


Thanks Liane

Mother’s Day is Coming


School holidays are over and I hope everyone had a good break

Anzac Day celebrations have been full on – almost 30 tributes made !

MOTHER’S DAY IS COMING !! Only 2 ½ weeks to go – ORDER NOW


Tulips, Snapdragons are in, Dahlias and Lisianthus are on their way out. They should just make Mothers Day so if they are something you want, then please order them because supply will be scarce.

Freesias may be in for Mothers Day, lets see.

Dis buds are early and already available, one of my favourites they can be as traditional or funky as you want.


Persian violets are finishing off now as cyclamens come out in full bloom. Larger ones now available, another great gift idea for Mothers Day.

Pansies now available, plant now for a sudden colour impact in the garden

As the final tributes are laid for Anzac Day the focus of the shop will be on gearing up for Mothers Day and sourcing the best selection available. Ordering early allows me to make sure I have made the right buying decisions at the markets.

A few technology problems happening but Facebook definitely coming soon!


Thanks Liane