8 Weddings in 7 Weeks


8 weddings in 7 weeks – 2 on the same weekend – some big, some small – all important. What a time its been…i have a small respite then off again with some more. Everyone one of them has been different and that’s what is so exciting. I’m trying to get photos from each of them so you can see how beautiful all the girls are.

Rememberance Day is coming up on 11/11 please order any tributes in advance.


Season has changed – sweet peas gone, ranunculus gone, hydrangeas just beginning, local roses in full bloom, waratahs finishing & gerberas, gerberas everywhere.


Cyclamens are finished, potted hydrangeas are just beautiful, gardenias are starting and the beautiful standard roses – these wont last long and wont be back for another 6 weeks or so so don’t spend too much time ‘thinking it over’. Gorgeous geraniums still going strong.

The response to the new things in the shop has been great – new wallets have just arrived, the gorgeous wood/ceramic drawer sets are making a splash in the window and heaven help me but all my Christmas things arrived as well. Guess its time for the Xmas window to start – wait till you see the cute things i have bought.

The shop is still busy so thank you all so much, sorry if i don’t have as much time to chat anymore but there is always something to do! Dont forget that xmas is around the corner and if you need anything then just let me know.


Thanks Liane